Mission Statement

Love Basket’s mission is to provide adoption services

with excellence, integrity and Christian compassion.


Our History

For over 30 years Love Basket has been assisting families in preparing for and successfully completing both domestic (U.S.-born infant) and international adoptions.

Love Basket began in the hearts of two missionary couples who traveled extensively in underdeveloped countries. They saw the plight of helpless children who were destitute, starving, and often homeless. These couples recognized the need for loving, capable Christian families to care for children around the world and it wasn’t long before they themselves adopted. That set off a spark and soon after, others in the community began to eagerly pursue adoption for their families. As the number of international adoptions increased, the missionaries simply could not keep up with the requests for assistance and Love Basket was established.

Since then we have continued building families and changing lives through adoption. Love Basket is licensed and has offices in Missouri and Kentucky. We work with families in any state (except New York) or territory of the United States.

In January, 2016, Love Basket merged with Nightlight Christian Adoptions, in order to expand our services to include Snowflakes® embryo adoption, domestic adoptions in seven states, and international adoptions from a dozen countries.

Love Basket is a nonprofit (501 C 3) organization and a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), National Council for Adoption (NCFA), National Christian Adoption Fellowship (NCAF), Community Adoption Council, Alliance for Life-Missouri (AFL-MO), Adoption Foster Care Coalition of Missouri, and the Kentucky Adoption Coalition.