Domestic Adoption Stories


Will & Audrey, Adoptive Parents

On December 23rd, we received the most exciting Christmas gift anyone could ask for. We were sitting around the kitchen when the phone rang. After I answered it, the gentle voice on the other end said, “You have been chosen by a birthmother who is due with a baby girl.”
Just a few weeks later, we had the blessing of meeting this amazing woman. It was one of the most beautifully surreal experiences we have ever encountered. Sitting across the table from this sweet and lively young gal, having her look into our eyes and so genuinely say, “I am carrying this baby for you,” seriously tugged on our heart strings. We sat there for almost 3 hours and talked and talked and talked. We loved getting to know all about her!!
Five days later…the phone rang. Startled, we both jumped out of bed. Our birthmother was at the hospital in labor!! Luckily, our bags were packed and ready to go. After arriving at the hospital, baby June was born only a half hour later!
We spent the next few days in the hospital with the birthmother. We had the opportunity to sit with her and love on her. We laughed together, cried together and told stories. She held baby June and just loved her little fingers and toes. She is truly a beautiful, courageous woman who has given us a gift that we can never re-pay. We love her so much.

Corey and MiriamWe knew the Lord was leading us towards adoption after spending five months living in an orphanage in Romania. While there, we saw the immense need for children to have a mother and a father. We decided to pursue domestic adoption through Love Basket in August 2008. At the time, we had two biological children, and we knew we wanted to add to our family through adoption for the next child. The adoption process can be an emotional rollercoaster at times, but we always found the staff at Love Basket to be supportive, and ready to answer all of our questions. We have been thrilled with our adoption experience through Love Basket, and highly recommend them to everyone with whom we share our adoption story. We are so grateful for our third child, Isaiah Matthew. He is such a blessing to us and our family. He truly is the perfect fit in our family. We’re very thankful to Love Basket for facilitating this adoption, and to his wonderful birth mom, who we are still very close friends with.

– Corey, Miriam, Abby, Luke & Isaiah


John and Becky

We struggled for a long time about when and if we should adopt. God knew from the very beginning that our daughter would be ours, but it took us 7 ½ years to realize what His plan for us was and to follow it. Now that we have our daughter we see that she was worth every second of doubt, every tear and every prayer we prayed.

From the very first meeting with Love Basket we knew this agency was different from all the rest. Every person on Love Basket’s staff we interacted with was very knowledgeable and gave us a sense of calm in any high-stress situations. They were timely with their responses, most of the time coming back with our answers only minutes after we submitted them.

Our whole experience with Love Basket was, to say the least, perfect. Sure there were “hiccups” and lots of questions on our part; no adoption is without those. But our story is perfect and so yours will be. If you are considering Love Basket to handle your adoption… look no further. This is the agency and the people you want working with God to find your baby.

– John, Becky and Allison


Kevin and Marilynn


I would like to say that Keelynn has been a instrument of healing in my life. Our lives have not been the same since our Keelynn was placed in our arms. Thank you so much to Love Basket and most of all, to Keelynn’s birthmom.

– Kevin, Marilyn and Keelynn



Paul and PamLove Basket made our dream of having a family possible! As a couple that had struggled with the heartbreaking rollercoaster ride of infertility for over 3 years, we honestly had lost all hope until we spoke with Jo Laws at Love Basket. Almost immediately, our grief turned to hope and we found a peace that had been missing in our lives for such a long time. So often you hear horror stories about how difficult the adoption process is, but we did not find that to be the case. The entire staff at Love Basket made the entire adoption process simple and uncomplicated.

The staff was extremely professional and thorough in an approachable and down to earth style. Adopting our son through Love Basket has been the most amazing experience of our lives. We just can’t say enough great things about the staff at Love Basket. In fact, we are anxious to adopt again with them when our son is ready for a brother or sister!

-Paul, Pam, and Landon



Matt and Katie

Our experience with Love Basket was absolutely wonderful. We chose Love Basket as our adoption agency because they are Christian-based, which is comforting. The staff is always friendly, courteous and prompt to answer our questions. After our first adoption in 2007 with Love Basket there was no other option to us as to what agency we would use for our second adoption. With God and Love Basket we have been blessed with a beautiful family.

– Matt, Katie, Danessa & Joseph




Three years ago, we adopted our twin daughters through Love Basket’s domestic program. We chose Love Basket because they were recommended by several of our friends. Working with Love Basket exceeded our expectations.

The Love Basket staff was always available to answer our numerous questions, and we could tell they really cared about our family. It was such a comfort to work with a Christian agency who seeks God’s will for the birthmoms and adoptive families they work with. The process of adopting can be scary, but Love Basket helped ease our fears about so many things.

Our experience was so positive that we are now adopting through Love Basket’s Ethiopian program. Thank you, Love Basket, for helping us grow our family!

– Luke, Heidi Jo, Ana, and Tia


Rich and Amy

Love Basket helped us grow our family in ways we could never have imagined. From the home study to the final placement of our son, the staff was caring and professional. We are forever grateful to Love Basket for their encouragement and guidance throughout the adoption journey. While it has been a year since the adoption of our son Lucas, Love Basket continues to extend their friendship and support when needed.

– Rich, Amy, Graham and Lucas



Jeff and Gen

Our greatest desire was for us to have children… and God gave us that desire. We adopted AJ and Faith…our two miracle babies. Thank you God for hearing our prayers and answering them through Love Basket. We struggled through infertility, in vitro, and a couple failed adoptions for almost a decade, but we never gave up. Our children were so worth the wait. What we learned is our timing is not always God’s perfect timing, which is the best for you. Thank you Love Basket for all your prayers and support. We could not be happier.

– Jeff, Gen, AJ and Faith


Chris and Chris


Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel towards Love Basket. It’s such a very special business to be involved with; one that brings birth families together with adoptive families. We are so lucky to have Love Basket right here in Missouri. They have been a fantastic blessing in our lives by uniting us with our son, Austin.

– Chris, Chris, and Austin