International Services and Fees

Adoption-Related Expenses

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In an effort to disclose to Adoptive Parents (APs) not only the “known” agency-related expenses, but also the sometimes “overlooked” expenditures that may be incurred in an international adoption, we are providing this overview. Please note that this list may not be all inclusive, as states have different requirements, or foreign governments may change their requirements without notice. This information is based on the adoption of one child. If more than one child is adopted at the same time, some of these expenses will increase accordingly.

Non-agency expenses associated with the adoption process:

  • Criminal Background Checks & Fingerprinting
  • Medical Examinations & Lab Work
  • Passports/Visas (if required)
  • Immunizations Required for  Travel
  • Certified Marriage Certificates (if applicable)
  • Xeroxing/Copying
  • Certified Birth Certificates
  • Photograph Reprints
  • Certified Divorce/Death Certificates (if applicable)
  • *Postage/FedEx/UPS
  • Document Notarizations (differs from area to area)
  • U.S.C.I.S Application (I-800A)/Fingerprinting ($890)
  • Update Photos/Videos
  • Document Translation (if applicable)
  • Document Certifications/Legalizations (differs from state to state as well as program to program)

Expenses associated with overseas travel when AP’s escort their child:

  • Travel Expenses for APs & Child(ren)
  • Child’s Medical Exam in Foreign Country ($40-100)
  • Child’s Immigrant Visa
  • Living Expenses in Foreign Country
  • Long Distance Telephone Calls
  • Personal Expenses in Foreign Country

As with any international adoption, unexpected delays may occur during the processing of your case after your paperwork has been sent overseas. If delays happen, it could become necessary for you to obtain currently dated documents, which may also result in additional expense; however, this happens rarely.

This information is being provided for informational purposes, and is not a contract nor a guarantee of expenses incurred during the processing of an adoption.

Explanation of International Adoption Services and Fees


The initial application asks questions that help us get to know you and determine whether this agency can help you meet your adoption goals.  Initial approval is given upon review of this application and final approval is considered once we have received and reviewed all the information from Application as well as your Home Study. You can begin our online application by clicking HERE.

Home Study

The Home Study is the document that enables us to determine that you are ready to adopt. A social worker will meet with you 2-3 times, with one of those meetings being in your home. The report from these meetings becomes the document that represents the family to courts and governments involved in the adoption process. In Missouri and Kentucky, we prefer to complete your home study ourselves, as it gives us the opportunity to prepare you for the adoption you desire, and helps us get to know you better as well. In other states where clients have another licensed agency complete their home study, Love Basket will review that home study for $425. Because of recent changes it is necessary that we obtain child abuse clearances from each state and foreign country in which the adoptive parent(s) have lived since age 17.

Stateside Processing Fee

This charge covers our work with adoptive parents including but not limited to: preparation of dossier for processing overseas and help with USCIS paperwork, referral of your child, coordination of placement with our foreign staff, assistance with parent preparation for travel and receiving child, phone, fax, and courier costs. Each country requires you to send periodic progress reports for a specified time after your child arrives home. This fee also includes translation, processing, and courier fees for these reports.

Child Support and Overseas Processing Fees

These fees include the care and support of your Child, as well as the processing of your adoption overseas, translations, attorney and court costs overseas, passport procurement, and work with birth parents in processing your placement.

Travel Costs

Parent travel arrangements are the responsibility of the adoptive parent and are paid directly to your travel agent.

Post Placement Services

India: Once your child arrives in the U.S., you must finalize the adoption in your state of residence. Our post placement fee covers the required visits and report preparation to meet this requirement in Missouri and Kentucky.

Home Study Update

By statute, your original home study valid for one year. If placement does not occur during that year, you will need a Home Study Update to satisfy state requirements and to remain on our waiting list. You will need to complete an update application (not as exhaustive as the initial one) and schedule one visit in your home with a caseworker.